Engineering and utility networks

All work is performed by highly qualified workers under the management of experienced and certified construction managers.

Under the certificate issued by the Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Lithuania, Fegda UAB has the right to install engineering and utility networks (water and sewerage networks, power networks up to 10 kV), construct hydraulic structures (culverts), engineering structures for sport facilities, and build landfill, mining and other facilities.

The company works both as a general contractor and as a project management company. Clients can therefore obtain all services related to road-construction and other engineering infrastructure from a single provider.

Asphalt production

The company can offer 14 main types of asphalt and more than 100 modifications that will meet the needs of all customers.

The company has an asphalt production plant built by the German firm AMMANN. Our plant is based on non-waste technologies and meets the EU's stringent environmental requirements. It is one of the most modern plants of this type in Lithuania. It has a production capacity of 400 t of asphalt per hour. Production processes are fully automated and computer-controlled.

Three-part and two-part storage facilities with a capacity of 300 and 120 tons respectively make it possible to keep the ready asphalt mixture for up to 18 hours without any change in consistency. This ensures an intensive and continuous production process, which can be flexibly adapted to our clients' needs by producing several types of asphalt at the same time. Computerized scales connected to the accounting system can be used to weigh trucks of up to 80 t.

Our asphalt mixtures meet the requirements set by the law of Republic of Lithuania. The quality of raw materials and finished products is continuously controlled by a laboratory which also creates and improves asphalt formulations.

Other services

At our clients' request, we can take asphalt samples from anywhere in Lithuania and analyse them. in addition, we use the Marshall mix design method to formulate asphalt mixes.

Laboratory tests

The accredited laboratory of Fegda UAB is an independent unit of the company. The laboratory has been accredited in accordance with LST EN ISO/IEC 17025 to take samples and to carry out tests on road embankments, roadbeds, asphalt pavements and mixes, mineral materials, mineral powders, bitumen, and bitumen emulsions.

Our laboratory not only carries out tests on road construction materials and designs asphalt mixture formulations but also controls the quality of raw materials, output product, earthworks, roadbeds, and asphalt surfaces.

The laboratory of Fegda UAB is equipped with modern equipment and measuring instruments and has highly qualified personnel.



Rental of machinery and equipment

The company's transport service rents out heavy vehicles and machines for road construction, excavation, and demolition.